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lokimiah1's News

Posted by lokimiah1 - December 28th, 2017

Hey everybody, I've returned to 8-bit music for the time being so that I can unload some stuff, so enjoy this new little tune and wait with baited breath for more to come at some point in the future.


Posted by lokimiah1 - December 25th, 2017

Hey everybody, I posted a new song you should all check out. I think it's pretty alright.

Go listen to it. https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/781298

Posted by lokimiah1 - January 24th, 2017

Hey guys, I just released an album of Stoner Metal on Bandcamp, I'd love for everyone to check it out.

First three listens are free, after that, you're gonna have to pay... 






Scary. huh?

>> https://lmrmusic3.bandcamp.com/album/last-minute-resistance <<


Thanks guys, I hope everyone enjoys!

Posted by lokimiah1 - November 11th, 2016

Hey everyone! I made new tune! I've been listening to alot of Kyuss, y'see, and I felt a bit inspired, so...


... I made this!


Posted by lokimiah1 - September 1st, 2016

   Hey everybody, I have an exciting, (or disapointing, depending on your point of view), announcement to make concerning my music and the direction I'll be taking it.

   For those of you not in the know, every song that I've posted here came from my guitar. I've always been a guitar player, and I always will. Using Famitracker was just a means to an end, as it were, to just get my songs in their simplest form out there. To give everyone a taste of how I write, so to speak.

   Recently, however, I've come across new means to record my songs, using my actual instruments of guitar, bass, and drums. As such, the Chiptune content shall be, for the time being, put down in favour of creating the music I always intended to create: Hard garage rock with aggressively lo-fi recording, a somewhat funky tilt, and a somewhat metalic edge.

   To test the new sound, I rerecorded one of my old songs, Gravity. Compare and contrast, tell me which version you like better:

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/701378   <<< New Rockin' Version


http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/627777   <<< Old Retro Version

Posted by lokimiah1 - June 9th, 2016

Right, so it's been awhile since I last posted a song. A good few months, actually. I've been writing things, forgetting about things, and then picking them back up, and since I recently finished one of the many projects that I've picked back up, I thought I'd post it on here.


So thanks, everybody, for hanging on for that. I hope you enjoy.

Posted by lokimiah1 - March 21st, 2016

Right, so I have a soundcloud now under the name GrapeCrush. I shall post some exclusive content, but for the most part, I'll post alternate versions of songs that I post from here on. As of right now, you'll find a mono version of my latest excursion into chiptune, Zero*, as well a song that I proposed for a different game with flabbyfabby, but nothing has come of it, Big Blooz**.

So, y'know, if you're a fan of mine, and you like my music and alrenate/exlusive content, follow my soundcloud. 

Or don't

Whatever floats your boat.

*Zero (Stereo) on Newgrounds: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/675306

*Zero (Mono) on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/grapecrush/zero

**Big Blooz on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/grapecrush/big-blooz

Posted by lokimiah1 - July 13th, 2015

So, as I'm sure you may be aware, I write music.

And somebody who goes by the name FlabbyFabby wanted a few tracks of mine in they're game.

A game which is currently on Steam Greenlight


If you like my music, you should probably vote yes, since 2 of my songs were featured, (with permision, of course), and I also made every sound effect except for one...


Enjoy yourselves, (because I know you will)

Posted by lokimiah1 - June 24th, 2015

So I've made some Stereo songs, as well as a Stereo mix of The Desert Sands.

Two Stereo songs:



Stereo mix of Desert Sands:



Posted by lokimiah1 - April 2nd, 2015

I've made some new songs. They're all 8-bit VRC6 and I made them in FamiTracker.


Check 'em out!